#faith #grief

As, I sit and contemplate grief. I never really analyzed it, until now that it hits so close to home. Close to age and familiarity.

I analyze the bond between mother and child. I remember the old saying ‘nobody treats you better than your mother’. I would say or love you.

I analyze what it feels like for a child to wake up the next morning, but their mom didn’t. As she lay peacefully in a deep sleep.

I analyze what a child is thinking knowing they’ll no longer see her smile and say I love you.

Knowing, she’ll no longer be a part of their day to day. Taking care of them and even fussing.

I doubt if any of those things flash through their minds on this solemn day.

I can only imagine the tears shed and broken down sobs, holding her one last time.

All I know is a mother’s love will continue beating in your heart.


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