Winter Kale

I go to the grocery store, hoping to see some good looking kale. Fresh kale…

Well, that’s not what I see. Instead I peep.

Wrinkly, slimy, dingy green stuff.

The sign says kale, but not the fresh kale I’m used to. Store bought kale is gross.

So, I slide over to the bags of kale. The bags are full. Price $2.94. Enough for a few meals.

My kale life has been reduced to air filled bags.

Well at least it doesn’t expire for another 5 days. It’s actually green too!

Hoping, I survive the winter eating air bags of kale! 😝


One Being, One Soul

As I go through so much shit

In-between it

During it

Outside of it

I feel you comforting me

Sending love to me

Tears drip my eyes

Because I run from it

It follows me

This love

Our soul matches

One being

One love

I lay starving

Outside your comfort



As the sun heat up the sky

I know there’s beauty in it

As it rests

As it escapes the tedious

Tasks left

I know there’s beauty in it

The way the earth shifts

As clouds rise and fall around it

As the sky lights up

All that surrounds it

I know there’s beauty in it

Beauty in me

Beauty in you

This love

We taste it daily

I know

That’s the beauty of our universe


Soul Revival

My soul revived
My moon
My love
My birds
I’m so in love

This night
My soul revived
Peace & light
Peeping through
This dark storm

As my universe
Loves all over me

My heartbeat
Stirs outside
Dark storms

My heart shakes
Partially awakening
Outside this sadness



All the people I hope for is gone
My illusions shattered
Thought patterns destroyed
I don’t know
Awakening is misleading
Pulling in many directions
Presenting illusions
Masking it as hope
Masking it as love
Another test
A bottomless pit
Even dreams
A deceitful myth



I felt this

For weeks

Wobbly on my feet

As the universe

Pulls at her soul

Feeling unbalanced


But still feeling

Extra movement

I’m new to this

As I think back

The universe

Aligning me

Preparing me

Another soul



Spiritual Abyss

Ciphering my moon nightly

There’s no surprises here

Ambiguous transgressions

Between you and me

Lonely souls

Transcending breakdowns

A spiritual awakening


Garnishing what you think is stable


Creating chaos


Free falling in an abyss


Not understanding

This part

Taking away


This spiritual awakening



Connecting to

Nothing outside it

Letting go

What you hold dearly

This must be the shallow end