Feeling your energy float around me

Dodging each body in our path

Shall I succumb

Shattering the myths

As your energy drift

A powerful shift

Shall I succumb

I just want a tiny bit

A tiny taste

A lingering kiss

Shall I succumb

No, I shall wait

As I succumb to my aura



Unaware I’m silently beckoning you

As you position your body in my direction

I mimic

Who is the seducer

Me or you

This silent game we play

I speak

You watch

My lips

Wishing my breath entangle yours

As your body rise above me with each stroke

As my warmth enslave you

Who is the seducer

Me or you

Tempting fate

As you spread open your legs

Widening your chest

As you sit at your desk

Tempting me to acknowledge you




I’m at a point in my spiritual awakening where I’m at peace.

I felt the last two month’s was hectic. I couldn’t balance myself. I was holding onto thoughts of too many things coming at once. I wasn’t fully enjoying the new opportunities in my life. I was dwelling on minor things. I see now, I was manifesting them to become bigger.

I said, I was tired. But really… I became exhausted from my own negative thoughts. So, I prayed.

I thanked the universe, for all the abundance in my life. I thanked the universe, for all the abundance I haven’t seen yet.

I woke friday with peace in my heart. A renewed commitment to take the opportunities presented to me with positivity.

My universal message: There are no obstacles. Self-balance


Fly Away

I have this calming energy that compels people to come talk to me about their problems.

I feel lately, this is a problem with some of my friends. I feel I’m enabling them to dwell in negativity. I don’t want to be that type of friend.

As I change spiritually my friends seem to want me to stay the same and be their confidant in the same way.

As I evolve, the way I once was is no longer who I am now.

I realize, as I release people from my life, that it isn’t just about me. I’m releasing these people, so they can become better too.

So last night, instead of responding to negativity.

I went on a walk in nature. I went to my favorite place that clears my mind. A pond and saw the most beautiful display.

Songbirds, baby birds flying, as a group. They were performing for me. Simultaneously flying above the pond, arching back down and skipping across the water. Back up with synchronicity.

I was mesmerized, I was taking pictures and video on my phone. I kept saying “I love you.”

When I left the birds, I looked back they had dispersed. The universe sent them to me.

I know I’ve changed as a person, because I’m in love with myself. I’m, so in love with the universe and the natural beauty surrounding me too.

My universal message:
Become madly in love with you!


Self-Love Mantra

I don’t want to be complacent

I am not settling

I am manifesting what I want daily

I am nurturing me

I am loving me

Everything that I’ve given to others

I am now instilling in me

Honoring me

Uplifting me

Encouraging me

Shedding light

On me

Opening my heart

For me

Penetrating my life

In love

For me



I’m brought to a euphorical place
Dripping sweat
Heavy lidded eyes
Tingling lips

Love and light implodes within

Keep touching me
Every breath & width of me feels it
Shining heat upon me

I’m reminded
Why my heart beats for you

Love and light implodes within

As every caress

Takes me to a place of bliss

Like the sun rising each day

Spraying light

I’m reminded
Why my heart beats for you

Love and light implodes within

As the universe dispenses illusions

Awakening my mind



I’ve been wanting to write about an incident that happened to me last month. I was very shaken from this experience. I really couldn’t talk about it or even post on my blog. I realized the personal issue was with myself.
I was driving home on the interstate. I’m almost home. I was proud of myself for driving 154 miles this day.

My jeep swerved into the left lane. A semi-truck with no load whizzed by, I barely missed him.

I felt the air inside my jeep, the sharp jerk of my head. It was so quick. Everything was fast. The brief moment, I looked in my rearview mirror.

The black hatchback car with the thin white headlights across the front coming up behind me, but not close enough to touch, but close enough that it kept its distance. It looked like a face silently saying, “Oh nooooo” another big semi truck, on the side of it.

A split second shook me! I eased off the gas pedal, straightened my steering wheel back into my lane. I kept driving, saying in my mind, “i want to go home” “See my son.”

The sky above me had lightened clouds and rays from the sun shooting out. This was above me my entire ride home.

Honestly, I was confident on my way to my destination. Despite the gallons of rain pouring down upon the interstate. I mean the type of rain you can barely see in.

I don’t like driving in that type of weather, but I felt at ease. I saw dark funnel clouds in the sky. I made it to my destination just fine. I did pull over once at a rest stop. That was right on the side of me, when a ton of rain drenched my windshield at once.

I even parked between semi trucks.

I believe in universal messages and I normally pay attention to them.

The drive home I had a lot of messages, but I wasn’t open to them. My gps not giving me the directions I wanted. I was turned around several times. The radio had static. None of these things occured going to my destination.

I allowed someone’s opinion this day enter my mind. I wanted to fester in being upset and tense.

I dazed out and the universe shook me up this day!

My Lesson: Stop allowing outside things or people unbalance you. The universe is guiding your purpose in life.

The back road. #sky #selfie