Pure Energy

#transformations #love

Three months of full moons has transformed me thoroughly

I’ve let go of my past pains



This universal surge of energy is powerful

Leaving me rippling in its currents

I’ve cried more this year than ever before

Thoroughly cleansed, by power surges

A spiritual awakening unties my mind

Desires to fix

Even though my energy is equiped to heal

My past is unhealable

My past was a lesson

As I continue my spiritual awakening

I shall unlock new doors with purpose

Manifesting my higher self

Raising my vibrations

Internally and externally

Allowing new relationships in my life

Pure energy is made to love

I am open

Nature’s Holy


Snapping fish dipping in water

Leaping across the water’s edge

Early morning fishermen

Catching the bait

Walkers, runners clicking heels

Bicyclist churning wheels

Whistling birds

Squeaking crickets

Frogs croak

Water splashing

Stand still you can hear it

All enjoying the spirit of nature


As water flow to shore

Towards me

All I prayed to the universe

All summer

Now flows quickly to me

One day and one night

The pond flows with me, as I walk

The cool wind flows into me

As I stand

The sun aligns the side of me

Whispering, “Let it flow”

Sky Gazer

The night of the recent meteor shower was, so mesmerizing. I’m trying to take my mind back to this moment and my feelings of love, excitement and bliss.

The sky was lit up as I gazed at it from my fire escape. Wishing I had a better camera other than my cellphone. It didn’t capture the pure essence of this night properly.
Also, I ‘m sure my neighbor thinks I’m a weirdo for always gazing out at the sky. Well, I love being a weirdo. I may put a sign out saying “sky gazer”.

The sky was, so mystical. I’ve never seen so many stars.
I saw a shooting star too!! 1st time. I was so excited. I made my wish.

I lost the mystic of that night with the fell swoop of daylight. The universe gave me what I wanted to see in my dream. Sometimes I feel the universe has a funny sense of humor.

I didn’t want to understand my dream. I felt clogged the whole day. I decided to pray on it and I still felt no release. After laying in the dark on my meditation mat, feeling hopeless.

I realized I needed to let go. Let go of these illusions of wanting something more. As I travel down my path of awakening, I still battle with ego on occasion.

I realize even though I’ve healed some aspects of my life. There’s still more healing needed and growing.

We all have a past and those old illusions have no place in our present or future.

Let go and self-heal


Dewey grass

Glistening trees

Wet picnic tables

Reflects cool nights 

Sun kissed park benches

Birds flitting across water 

Ponds mirroring clouds above
Everything is reflective of each thing.
I see and hear often people saying, someone made them feel a certain way.
I hear “he or she made me feel like I’m not enough” or “he or she make me feel less than someone else”

I’ve learned that the people we’re #friends, #dating, in #relationships with reflect us.

#Feelings of being #unworthy, not enough, less, or whatever it maybe, is you.

Loving you starts with you.

As you #love you. You will only see love in others around you.

I now see love within people around me, even strangers. There are people I’m no longer around, because they no longer reflect me or my life now.


#mindfulness #walking

Eyes closed, as the sun beams heavy on my face. I feel the heat, as I sit.
I’m trying to repeat my daily affirmations.
I still feel heavy inside. I contemplate leaving and not completing my walk.

As I open my eyes, I see clearer.
The sun inspires and propels me to continue.

As I walk this trail and feel people whizzing past me, I step to the side.

This reminds me of life. We’re constantly rushing to figure out our problems, worries or burdens. We need immediate answers. We want to resolve things quickly.

Let’s pause a moment.

Rushing to resolve things causes you to miss the universal lesson.

So take your time, be still and listen to your lesson. The answer is within you.

Rain Cleanse

#rain #cleansing

I love rain. There’s a distinctive smell after it rains that I love. I only experience it in my hometown of Chicago. Wet grass and Lake Michigan mingling on a warm summer night. Hmm, so sexy.

I’m enjoying the woodsy scents in my town, but it’s limiting since I have terrible allergies.

Stopping to unleash the umbrella and allow rain to pelt across your face and body is cleansing.

Butterfly love

Yes, we were universally blessed

Only for a moment

A butterfly’s love was sent from heaven

Illuminating our lives briefly

Each summer she peaked high

Shimmering love all around us

A butterfly love

Shimmers brighter in heaven

As she smiles down peacefully

Flourishing her wings

Resting, pain free in unconditional love

Now we’re left with memories of a butterfly’s love

Illuminating our heart always


#faith #grief

As, I sit and contemplate grief. I never really analyzed it, until now that it hits so close to home. Close to age and familiarity.

I analyze the bond between mother and child. I remember the old saying ‘nobody treats you better than your mother’. I would say or love you.

I analyze what it feels like for a child to wake up the next morning, but their mom didn’t. As she lay peacefully in a deep sleep.

I analyze what a child is thinking knowing they’ll no longer see her smile and say I love you.

Knowing, she’ll no longer be a part of their day to day. Taking care of them and even fussing.

I doubt if any of those things flash through their minds on this solemn day.

I can only imagine the tears shed and broken down sobs, holding her one last time.

All I know is a mother’s love will continue beating in your heart.


As your brown eyes twinkle in mischief

I’ll tip toe across a lake of water holding hands with you, no fear

That’s how secure I am

Holding love

I am forever humbled each time we transfer energy

As power surround me

I want to delve deeper into what we haven’t become